Amber Personality of the Year


The title of the Amber Personality of the Year is awarded for outstanding achievements:

  • in art
  • research and popularising knowledge about amber
  • in technological progress
  • economic efficiency
  • volunteer work for the amber community,
  • collecting natural specimens and historical amber artefacts


Candidatures for the title can be submitted by all the members of the IAA.
We would like to encourage you to take an active part in choosing the Amber Personality of the Year, a person who, with his conduct, culture and achievements in our industry, deserves a special mention!

Handing the statuette to the chosen Amber Personality of the Year takes place during the gala during the Amberif Fair.  

Lucjan Myrta

Anna Sado

Sławomir Fijałkowski

Regina Kramarska

Elżbieta Sontag

Andrzej Wiszniewski

Marek Gutowski

Wojciech Kalandyk

Adam Pstrągowski

Ewa Rachoń

Kazimieras Mizgiris

Mariusz Drapikowski

Amber Personality of the century


prof. Barbara Kosmowska-Ceranowicz

Wiesław Gierłowski