IAA Amber Laboratory

IAA Amber Laboratory offers:

  • test and certification of amber jewellery, semi-finished and finished amber products

  • test and certification of historical amber objects

  • test and certification of amber heritage items and art piecese

  • test and certification of natural amber specimens

  • inclusions identification

  • identification of amber modifications and reconstructions

  • amber imitations and fakes identification

We also offer:

  • professional expertises and consultations

  • information for individuals and organisations

IAA Amber Laboratory has been testing and analysing the samples using a non-destructive method, with an in-house FT-IR Spectrometer with an ATR accessory. The spectrometer makes it possible to distinguish various kinds of amber, fossil resins and synthetic resins.
Besides the spectrophotometer, we work with a microscope and UV/VIS light.

The certificates issued by the IAA Amber Laboratory are based on professional knowledge, experience and the necessary analyses and tests performed by IAA Amber Appraiser. The products are described in accordance with the Classification of Amber Gemstones introduced by the IAA.

IAA Amber appraisers

Classification of Amber Gemstones

Every certificate contains:

Certificate number (unique)

A high quality photo of the object is included.

General information on the object:

  • Total mass of the object, in grams, two decimal places

  • Type (necklace, pendant, ring, lump....)

  • Main stone (Baltic amber)

  • Transparency (opaque, translucent, transparent)

  • Colour (range from white to black)

Conclusion Typical properties for Baltic amber (succinite)

Comment(s) (identification according to the Classification of Amber Gemstones, inclusion identification, etc.)

Place and date
IAA Amber appraiser signature (facsimile)

Every certificate can be verified on-line

Items should be delivered to the IAA Amber Laboratory in person or by post/ courier:

International Amber Association
Office | Gallery | Laboratory
Warzywnicza 1,
80-838 Gdańsk, Poland

All shipments ordered to the IAA Amber Laboratory should be insured by the applicant for delivery to the IAA, the laboratory test period and the return of goods to the customer.
Certificates are issued only on the basis of an analysis of a specific object.
We do not issue documents for a batch.

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