IAA Amber Laboratory


The IAA Amber Laboratory offers testing of products made of Baltic amber or with its participation, together with the issuance of a document confirming the results of the tests - a certificate or examination report.
Objects subject to examination and assessment in the IAA Laboratory:

1. Jewelery made of amber and/or decorated with amber. In the case of products containing other stones, only the element made of Baltic amber is assessed.

2. Jewelery raw material and semi-finished products made of Baltic amber. Natural specimens.

3. Objects of artistic significance.

4. Objects of historical importance.

5. Objects, including those mentioned above, containing inclusions are also subject to additional assessment.

Documentation of the tests carried out may be a CERTIFICATE (only in English) or an EXAMINATION REPORT (in Polish or English). The description contains information about the tested material in accordance with the description of Baltic amber adopted as the CLASSIFICATION OF GEM STONES FROM BALTIC AMBER.










Multi-component objects with a uniform color and degree of transparency, for which the analysis revealed modification of the material, even for one element, are classified as modified Baltic amber.
In the case of multi-component products of various colors and degrees of transparency, stones are described in accordance with the classification of Baltic amber gemstones.


According to the IAA APPRAISER decision, in the Amber Laboratory can be tested and assessed:

- objects defined as imitations/forgeries,
- objects listed in points 1-5 made of other fossil resins.


Test methods used in the IAA Amber Laboratory:

- macro and microscopic evaluation in visible and ultraviolet light,
- mid-infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy. The analyse use an equipped spectrometer with a total attenuated reflection (ATR) attachment with a diamond crystal.

The IAA Amber Laboratory, within the competence of its appraiser, also provides consultations for individual clients and institutions - including scientific ones.

Each of the certified products receives a unique number thanks to which you can check the authenticity of the certificate in the ONLINE CERTIFICATE BASE

Items for analysis should be delivered in person or by post:

International Amber Association
Warzywnicza 1
80-838 Gdansk


All shipments ordered to the IAA Amber Laboratory should be insured by the applicant for delivery to IAA, the period of time during which the items are in the laboratory and the return of the goods to the customer. Certificates and test certificates are issued only on the basis of an analysis of a specific object.