Classification of Amber Gemstones


Natural Baltic amber (Natural Succinite) – a gemstone that was only cut, grinded, polished, drilled or turned.


Treated Baltic amber (Treated Succinite) – a gemstone whose appearance, texture and durability were changed by human interference, e.g.: thermal treatment, thermal and high-pressure treatment, dyeing using dyes or other colour changing methods, controlled exposure entirely or partly to any physical factor, filling cavities and cracks, shaped Baltic amber.


Pressed Baltic amber (Pressed Succinite) – a gemstone made of many pieces of Baltic amber pressed in high temperature and under high pressure without additional components.


Bonded Baltic amber (Succinite) (doublet, triplet) – a gemstone consisting of two or more parts of natural, modified or reconstructed Baltic amber bonded together with the use of the smallest possible amount of a binding agent necessary to join the pieces.