Journal of Gems and Gemmology 2023

Succinite, Baltic Amber: A Chemical Masterpiece of Nature

InColor no 38 2018

Baltic Amber (Succicnite) Gemstones and the Main Aspects of Identification: An Outline

InColor no 12 2009

Baltic Amber Deposits

Hong Kong Jewellery no 2 2013

A 40-million-year journey to Baltic amber

Trends&Colours no 295 2012

Amber's attractive appeal

JNA no 347 2013

Fine jewellery market is expanding for amber

Polski Jubiler no 9 2000

Jewelery appraisers and amber craftsmen create rules for the classification of fossil resins

Amber and other fossil resins


Polski Jubiler no 10 2000

Amber and other fossil resins of the world. Subfossil resins - rosin and young amber

Treasure of ancient seas l Industrial clarification of amber

"Europe - common heritage" l Return of amber to temples

Doctor Róża Kulicka - memoir l Amber - Königsberg Manufactory l Chronicle Amber Association in Poland

Polski Jubiler no 11 2000

Amber and other fossil resins of the world. Zygburgite (fossil polystyrene)

Amberum or Aurum Baltici - the Polish brand of amber in international languages l About the protection of amber l A monumental work of goldsmithing and amber craftsmanship is being created in Gdańsk

Committee for the construction of the amber altar of Our Lady of Częstochowa, Queen of the working world l Economic freedom and protection of the profession - indispensable conditions for the development of Polish jewelery

Polski Jubiler no 12 2001

Amber and other fossil resins of the world. Copals and artificial resins - imitations or forgeries of amber

Old authors on clarification, imitation and falsification

Ambersmith or amber maker l Amber or polymer?

The uncertain fate of the decisions of the 3rd Forum of Polish Jewelery l Chronicle of the Amber Association in Poland

Amber Mining in Poland Today

The Evaluation of Amber Gemstones

Promotion of Baltic Amber

Baltic amber

Grandma’s amber trinkets certainly are invaluable. But are they authentic?