The International Amber Association is the only one such a international organisation, which consists of designers, jewelery producers, scientists, museologists, collectors, traders and amber lovers.

The association currently has 264 members from 30 countries around the world.

How to become a member of the MSB:

  •      Please read the MSB Statute
  •      Fill out the membership declaration - download the file

  • Obtain support through signatures on the form or confirming an email to the IAA office of two introductory members.
  •  Send the declaration by e-mail to or by mail to the IAA office
  •  Decisions about acceptance are made by the Management Board of the IAA
  •  After approval of the admission, a new member of the IAA is notified by email about the admission
  •  The candidate becomes a full member of the IAA after paying an entry fee of 350PLN, 175 PLN or 35 PL (the same as membership fee)  and an annual membership fee of PLN 350 (Discounts: artists, scientists, museum workers - 50%, PLN 175, pensioners - 90% discount, PLN 35).
  • Discounts do not apply to people who conducts business activity ( this apply also to pensioners and artists).

Contact regarding the admission of new members:

all information related to the admission procedure is explained by the IAA office
tel: (58) 580 00 22 or 723 665 518