Japan Precious | Autumn 2023

Reliable scientific expert opinion is valuable information – it is about the activities of the International Amber Association’s Amber Laboratory

Japan Precious | Summer 2023

Historical Amber

Magazyn Pomorski no 56 2023

Gdańsk - a city where amber is carried in the heart

Baltic Jewellery News no 41 2022

25 years of the IAA

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Mobile IAA Amber Laboratory

Baltic Jewellery News no 31 2016

A new Amber Gallery in Gdańsk

Dolce Vita 2016

20 years of IAA

Hong Kong Jewellery no 4 2014

Interview with Nancy Chui

Polski Jubiler no 40 2022

Sylvia Belli exhibition in Gdańsk

Z&B Zegarki & Biżuteria no 3 2016

20 Creators for the 20th anniversary of IAA

How to change natural amber from modified amber? There is a scientific way to do it

Today amber jewellery means more than just an ordinary souvenir

Feast of Mariacka Street in Gdańsk 31.08. The jubilee 10th edition attracted crowds