Photography exhibition " Amber Inspires"


Photography exhibition " Amber Inspires"

The exhibition "Presentation 2018: Amber and Silver" is accompanied by an exhibition of photographs "Amber Inspires."
In the IAA Gallery, you can see awarded in the "Amber Inspires", competition photographs.


Jury of the photographic competition:

- Lidia Popiel - fotograf | photographer

- prof. Andrzej Szadkowski - founder of the Department of Jewellery at the Faculty of Textile Art and Fashion Design, Łódź Academy of Fine Arts, jewellery designer

- Alain Roggeman - teacher at the SYNTRA
Brussels training centre, jewellery designer

Tomasz Zaremski –  jewellery designer

Andrzej Pągowski – artist, graphic designer


Michał Fatyga -  jewellery designer