Dany Azar

IAA Honorary Member

   Professor Azar began studies on Lebanese amber and its inclusions included in the 90s of the last century. Since then he has discovered around 400 fossil resin sites in Lebanon, France, Great Britain and Spitsbergen (Norway). Most of the amberiferous sites discovered in Lebanon are those where the Lower Cretaceous amber, but also the first sites harbouring amber from the Jurassic period. In addition, he is the discoverer of the first dinosaur found in Lebanon, the oldest traces of bird’s presence in Gondwana (a palaeocontinent covering South America, Africa, Madagascar, Arabian plate, India, Australia and Antarctica), as well as several places of occurrence and potential exploitation of oil in Lebanon.   

   Dany Azar authored 163 scientific publications in the best specialist scientific periodicals (including Nature, Scientific Reports, PLoSONE, Systematic Entomology, Naturwissenschaften - Science of Nature, Palaeontology, Cretaceous Research). He is also the author of more than 10 chapters in books, author and editor of three scientific books. A list of his publications is available at http://publicationslist.org/azar.

Jacek Szwedo

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