Thanks to cooperation with the Katara Cultural Village Foundation, which is the largest promoter of cultural activities in Qatar, IAA was invited to participate in the 4th edition of the Katara Kahraman fair (Katara International Exhibition for Kahraman (katarakahraman.com)),
which took place on January 15-18, 2024 in Doha.
According to the agreement between IAA and Katara Cultural Village, the IAA Amber Laboratory had its stand at the Katara Kahraman fair, where Professor of the Gdańsk University of Technology Ewa Wagner-Wysiecka (Vice-President of the IAAManagement Board, Head of the IAA Amber Laboratory and IAA Appraiser) and Małgorzata Siudak (director of the IAA office and IAA appraiser) examined amber objects and issued certificates of authenticity, bearing a special commemorative hologram with the Katara Kahraman trade fair logo.
Thanks to the invitation sent by the President of the IAA, Ryszard Uliński, to the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Doha, Mr. Janusz Janke, on the first day the IAA Laboratory was visited by Mr. Grzegorz Gawin - Head of the Department for Political and Economic Affairs from the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Doha, who received the latest IAAMSB publication - an album about amber: Amber Baltic. Nature. History. Culture. Thank you for your visit and conversation about the importance of the presence of Polish producers at the Katara Kahraman fair. The MSB laboratory was also visited by the CEO of Katara Cultural Village, Professor Khalid Al-Sulaiti. During the meeting, Professor Ewa Wagner-Wysiecka and Małgorzata Siudak talked about the functioning of the Amber Laboratory. The IAA stand was also visited by Mr. Abdulla Almeraikhi from the Embassy of the State of Qatar in Warsaw. A nice surprise was the visit of a member of the MSB, Mr. Hamad Al-Sulaiti, author of a publication on amber in Arabic. Mr. Hamad Al-Sulaiti donated his book, which will join the amber collection of the IAA library.

We would like to thank the organizers for the invitations and all guests and clients of the IAA Amber Laboratory for the meetings and conversations.
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