Exhibition Traces in Time- Miriam Arentz


Exhibition - Traces in time | Ślady czasu - Miriam Arentz

 From 18th of August at the IAA Gallery you will be able to see the exhibition Traces in time | Ślady czasu, showing amber jewelry by Miriam Arentz. Miriam Arentz is an artist living in Berlin who has been creating jewelery since 2005. The artist is a graduate of the Metal Design Department of the HAWK Academy of Applied Sciences and Art in Hildesheim. She did internships in jewellery making at artists workshops in Berlin and Barcelona. Miriam Arentz, in her recent projects, creates objects using the guilloche and enamel technique. She has participated in numerous international competitions and exhibitions. She is a laureate of the IAA amber award in the International Jewellery Competition "Touch" as part of the Legnica SILVER Festival in 2022. As part of the award, the artist received 0.5 kg of raw amber and the opportunity to present her collection at the IAA Gallery.

Exhibition Traces in time | Ślady czasu shows the original collection of amber jewelry by Miriam Arentz. The brooches created by the artist consist of amber and silver elements decorated with the guilloche technique. This technique is rarely used in the works of contemporary goldsmiths, particularly rare, if not unheard of, is the use of the guilloche technique in amber. Amber as an extremely delicate, brittle material does not allow creation of perfect, precise lines. Imperfections and splinters are visible in the artist's works, which attract the recipient's attention and surprisingly emphasize the diversity of amber. The elements that make up the brooches, pieces of guilloche amber and enameled silver with simple, geometric shapes, resemble pieces of a jigsaw puzzle - the titular traces of time. Both amber and enameled silver elements marked with a decorative technique create a dialogue of elements representing their different origins - in the artist's objects combining and creating a coherent story.

Duration: 18.08-17.11.2023
Venue: MSB Gallery, Warzywnicza 1, 80-838, Gdańsk
Curator: Małgorzata Siudak