Exhibition "Floating away" jewellery by Arnald Jorda


We cordially invite you on March 17, 2023, at 6 p.m. to the IAA Gallery for the Floating away exhibition opening, presenting artistic jewelery with amber by Arnald Jorda.

Arnald Jorda is a spanish jewellery creator, based in Barcelona. In 2021 he has graduated the Llotja Art and Design School in Barcelona (artistic jewellery). In his works he is mainly inspired by nature, shapes, textures. He mainly works with porcelain and silver.

Arnald Jorda is the laureate of the IAA Award at the Joya Barcelona 2021 competition. The artist received 0.5 kg of raw amber and the opportunity to show his original collection at the IAA Gallery.

The exhibition will present 20 jewellery works made of Baltic amber, silver and porcelain.

This is how Arnald Jorda describes his collection:

This collection is born from a intimate universe of personal images, where shapes express themselves freely and have a playful dialogue with each other.

Materials interact between themselves by telling part of a story.

I like to combine materials and that each one explains a certain aspect.
BALTIC AMBER; organic warmth and solidified nectar
PORCELAIN; softness, delicacy and elegance
SILVER; ductility and plasticity framing all the materials.

Irregular textures against smooth surfaces.
Organic curves against geometric structures. Contrasts.

In my creative expression, I connect with my childhood memories.
Memories of a sweet and intuitive childhood where imagination never
had limits, where curiosity made me consciously discover the world in an innocent way.

In my creation I continue to look at the world through a lens of curiosity and magic, from a child’s perspective.

The exhibition is accompanied by photographs by Kinga Gełdon-Czech (Keenys).

See you at the IAA Gallery!