31st International Jewellery Competition QUALITY- contest entries


Organisers of the 31st International Jewellery Competition QUALITY announced the open call.

In the times of constant change, at least one thing about jewellery seems to remain constant. It is the quality parameter. However, is quality today still defined by the perfection of long-learned craftsmanship,  the material equivalent measured by the conversion rate of an ounce of gold or the use of precious stones, or perhaps the marketing value of a logo or an artist's signature? First fashion designers and now pattern designers have re-evaluated the meaning of basic concepts that once seemed paradigmatic. The new benchmarks that set the quality standard are sustainability, experience instead of possession, the democratisation of luxury, the relationship with the viewer. Surely designers of artistic jewellery will find equally inspiring answers. What is QUALITY for you?

prof. Sławomir Fijałkowski

More info: Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER - 31st International Jewellery Competition QUALITY

We strongly encourage IAA members and friends to take part in the competition.