Jacek Leśniak 1966-2022


Jacek Leśniak (1966 - 2022)

On 14th of March the amber craftsman- Jacek Leśiak- left us. He founded in the early 90's and successfully ran his own company Venus in Gdańsk, he had a visionary approach to the opportunities created by the world opening up to amber. He was a founding member of the International Amber Association and a member of the Management Board in its first composition and then the vice-president in the years
He was a co-author of the concept of company recommendations by MSB, and Venus still participates in this program with certificate number 5.
He collected amber, created wonderful sculptures and objects, some of which are today the pride of the Amber Museum in Gdańsk. He cared for his employees, many talented craftsmen passed through his studio, many of them he trained with the help of the best teacher - Wiesław Gierłowski.
He co-initiated the establishment of the Polish Amber Chamber of Commerce and the Gdańsk Amber Center, and created one of the first chains of stores dedicated to amber in Poland and abroad.
He has devoted the last years to spiritual development and the search for peace and balance in his forest shelter in Kashubia.

"Do not argue with a stone about its hardness, do not argue with a rose about its fragrance, with a cloud about rain, do not argue with the wind about how it should blow, and with a man what plays in his body, mind or soul ... "

- he wrote on his blog, where he shared his thoughts and important moments in life.
There he also informed about the first disturbing symptoms. A sudden illness struck him and took him away prematurely from his loved ones ...
May he rest in peace.

Ewa Rachoń
Vice president of the IAA Board