exhibition: The light of amber


We cordially invite you to the exhibition The Light of Amber, which will present artistic jewelry with amber by Barbara Gronuś-Dutko.

The exhibition is accompanied by macro photographs showing the hidden world of amber and other materials documenting 40 years of artistic work.

In her works, the artist focuses on the very tissue of amber which, through mechanical or natural texturing, makes the variety and uniqueness of the material visible, while maintaining minimalistic forms.

Barbara Gronuś-Dutko participated in individual and collective exhibitions in Poland, France, Netherlands, England and Germany.

This is what the artist says about the beginning of her career:

   In the 1970s, many artists in Poland began to make unique jewellery. My amber life began in 1979 at the studio of a college friend who was a sculptor. The studio was in the basement and there, in the strong light of a lamp, I saw THE MIRACLE ENCHANTED IN AMBER for the first time. I admired the inner world of a cut transparent piece of amber, while another piece was a lovely, colourful landscape. I watched these captivating miniature images for a long time, clenching the rough piece, handed to me, in my hand. I felt its warmth and energy: JANTAR (amber) became ESSENTIAL.
And so for 40 years, my life and my husband’s have been dedicated to working with amber.

Place: IAA Gallery

Date: 04.06 2021 - 30.07.2021

According to the current sanitary regime only 2 people may participate in the exhibition (please wear protective masks and keep a distance of 1.5 m)