POLKI FOLKI 2020- photos


On the December 18th, 2020 the 10th edition of the "Polki Folki" event took place under the slogan: From the sea to the Tatra Mountains, in Zakopane.

A collection deisgned by the fashion designer Adrian Lewandowski, the finalist of the of Fashion Designer Award,
was acompanied by amber jewelery from the IAA members: Amber Apple, Studio DF, Art Szok, as well as Sława Tchórzewska and Marcin Bogusław.

 Although this year's event takes place without an audience, although the pandemic is raging, we try to use it by promoting Baltic amber and jewelery decorated with it, as well as the artistry of Polish producers and designers. In order for amber jewelery to be worn, it must "re-enter" from trade fairs and museums to show its true, modern face

 Aleksandra Harasiuk - director of the MSB office