Ryszard Szadziewski

Amber Personality of the 2018

Professor Dr hab. Ryszard Szadziewski is a world-renowned expert and researcher on present-day and fossil dipterans, mainly from the biting midge family (Ceratopogonidae).

He began studying amber inclusions in the 1980s. He is a founder and current member of the Polish Entomological Society’s Fossil Insect Section. Professor Szadziewski’s efforts brought into existence the laboratory of the Museum of Amber Inclusions at the Department of Invertebrate Zoology, Faculty of Biology, University of Gdańsk. Its first collection came from his private scientific set of 133 inclusions, which he donated to the University’s newly founded Museum. Professor Ryszard Szadziewski has written more than 70 papers on amber, including science articles, book chapters, popular science features and columns.The scientific oeuvre of Professor Szadziewski can be found on the website of the University of Gdańsk Department of Invertebrate Zoology and Parasitology: http://www.kzbp.biol.ug.edu.pl/pages/pl/o-katedrze/pracownicy_doktoranci/szadziewski_r.php

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