Regulations of the IAA Recommendation Company Certificate

1. Members of the authorities and problem committees who act on behalf of the Association’s entities have the right to use the trademark of the International Amber Association free of charge. Moreover, honorary members selected by the General Assembly have such a right without limitation.

2. The ordinary members of the Association who are owners or co-owners of production, service or trade companies shall acquire the right to the recommendation and the use of the Association’s trademark after a 6-month period of membership of the Association. The payment of regulation fees, the signing of an appropriate agreement with the Board and the strict adherence to its terms and conditions for the whole duration period of the recommendation are a necessary condition of receiving the recommendation. The right to use the Association’s trademark is not transferable.

3. The recommendation agreement provides for the following conditions:
a) use only Baltic amber (succinite) in processing and trade,
b) inform the purchasers of finished goods and semi-finished products made of thermally processed amber about the fact of using such a procedure,
c)use only precious metals to make jewellery decorated with amber (this principle shall not apply to individual artistic items),
d) use the terminology determined by the IAA,
e) respect good trade principles and practices, respect the good name and the justified interests of other members.
4. The recommendation agreement is concluded for a period of 12 months, with the right to extension.

5. Applications for the recommendation shall be submitted on forms which are appended hereto, with the following documents enclosed:
a) copy of the entry to the register of economic activity (for members who perform economic activity outside of Poland – legally valid documents for a given country certified by foreign state, local or economic authorities),
b) recommending opinions of two ordinary or honorary members of the Association.

The Association’s Office shall enclose all the available information about the applicant in the case file (participation in the authorities, committees, community service, non-cancelled judgements of the Peer Tribunal, etc.).

6. Applications for the recommendation shall be collected by the IAA Office no later than within 14 days of the receipt date and forwarded for the Board’s consideration at its first available session.

7. The right to use the trademark is granted by the Resolution of the Board passed by ordinary majority of votes. The Board may refuse to right to use the trademark; it will then justify its decision in writing. There is the right of appeal against such a decision until the first available General Assembly of the Members.

8. The Board of the Association determines the fees for the right to use its trademark at PLN 2000 (+ VAT).

9. The decisions of the Board shall enter into force as soon as they are taken and as soon as the fees for trademark use are paid. Such decisions shall be published in the first available IAA bulletin and on the IAA website. Each ordinary member of the Association has the right to express reservations as to the granting of the trademark to a given company in the form of a written motion to justify the objection. Objections shall be considered by the Peer Tribunal in the presence of the parties in question.

10. The right to use the trademark may be withdrawn by the Board’s decision based on the judgement of the Peer Tribunal.

11. The Board may withdraw the right to the trademark with immediate effect should the fees not be paid.

12. During the validity period of the recommendation agreement, the authorised commissions of the Association may perform an inspection whether these Regulations are followed by the recommended organisations. The IAA Board’s duty is to verify any notification of irregularities noticed by the experts, any members or customers and to respond to them, up to and including the withdrawal of the right to the recommendation.

13. Persons and companies entitled to use the Association’s trademark shall receive a certificate which authenticates the recommendation of the International Amber Association and may be displayed publicly within its validity period.

14. The Association’s trademark is protected by law from the funds obtained.

15. These Regulations shall enter into force on 03 November 2005 and refer to new agreements as well as the extensions of previous agreements.

Ratified by a Resolution of the Board dated November 3, 2005