Exhibition "Artistic Jewellery. Nico Delaide & Nele Blanckaert"


The IAA invites you to the opening of the exhibition "Artistic jewellery. Nico Delaide & Nele Blanckaert ", which will be held on November 29 (Friday) at 18:00 at the IAA Gallery.

Nele Blanckaert and Nico Delaide are artists from Belgium. They are both winners of last year's Presentations 2018 jewellery competition. In this competition, Nele Blanckaert was awarded the Main Prize for the ring "Living on the edge", and Nico Delaide received the award of the Secretary of the Lublin Province for the work "Baltic flower". The exhibition 'Presentations could also be seen at the IAA Gallery from March 21 to May 6, 2019. On 27.07- 06.10.2019, jewellery by Nico Delaide and Nele Blanckaert was shown at the Museum Nadwiślańskie in Kazimierz Dolny at the exhibition 'Nele Blanckaert - Nico Delaide. The art of jewellery. "

The exhibition „Artistic jewellery. Nico Delaide & Nele Blanckaert„ presents the achievements of Nele Blanckaert and Nico Delaide- artists who create their jewellery using gold, silver, amber and precious stones. Presented jewellery is characterized by modernity, an architectural form that contrasts with organic motifs and objects of symbolic importance. The solutions of designing the objects surprise sometimes the viewers and show the 
artist’s well-thought path from the idea to the finished jewellery.

Date: November 29, 2019 - February 28, 2020
Place: IAA Gallery
Curator: Małgorzata Siudak
The exhibition is open: from Monday to Fri 08:30 -16: 30