Presentation 2018


On Saturday, October 13, there was a vernissage of the post-competition exhibition Presentation 2018 - "Silver and Amber" at the Vistula River Museum in Kazimierz Dolny.
71 works with silver and amber in the main role were presented.

    The winners:
    1st place: The Nadwiślański Museum Award in Kazimierz Dolny and the Grako award for the 'Living on the edge' ring by Nele Blanckaert (Belgium),
    Award of the International Amber Association for the ring 'A piece of the old world' by Marcin Tyminski (Poland)
    Award of the Amberif International Trade Fair of Amber, Jewelery and Gemstones for the Circle of Life Maya Houtman (Holland)
    Award of the Director of the Art Gallery in Legnica for the set: necklace, brooch and ring AMBER + Delphine Perrache (Belgium)
    The Rodent 'company's award: You can play bunnies instead of ducks' Jacek Skrzyński (Poland)
    Award of the President of the Association of Formers of Goldsmiths and the Award of the Foundation for Design Promotion for the necklace 'It's not what you think' Małgorzata Kalinska (Poland)
    Honorable mention of the jury and the award of the Secretary of the Lublin Province Anna Augustyniak for the ring 'Baltic flower' Nico Delaide (Belgium)
    Award of the Marshal of the Lublin Province Sławomir Sosnowski for the ring-necklace Andrzej Kupniewski (Poland)

Competition Jury: Anna Augustyniak, Lidia Popiel, prof. Alain Roggeman, prof. Andrzej Szadkowski, Tomasz Zaremski.
Curator of the Competition: Michał M. B. Fatyga
The exhibition, organized by the Vistula River Museum in Kazimierz Dolny and the Goldsmiths Association, and the partners: International Amber Association The International Amber Association, Amber International Fair, Jewelery and Gemstones Amberif Ambermart Amber Fair and Art Gallery in Legnica can be watched until December 9.
(photo: Dorota Cenecka, Agnieszka Klikowicz-Kosior, Jolanta Kupniewska)