Wojciech Jakubowski


Wojciech Jakubowski is an outstanding graphic designer, a specialist in small forms, supporting the Association from its inception. He is the author of unique objects of artistic craft decorated with amber.

In 1996, Wojciech Jakubowski was one of the founding members of our Association. For years, he supported the IAA, as a graphic designer consultant, he took part in the editorial work on the subsequent issues of Bursztynisko. He was friends with Wiesław Gierłowski and in 1997 he made a copy of Patena Kaliska - an exceptional work, funded probably in 1145 by Prince Mieszko III Stary for the Cistercian Abbey in Lądzie n / Warta. Patena is one of the most valuable works of Polish Romanesque goldsmith art. Her contemporary copy - a joint work of Jakubowski and Gierłowski - was donated by Kalisz to John Paul II during his visit to the city.

Wojciech Jakubowski took part in countless artistic exhibitions, both individual and collective, at home and abroad. In 2014, two of his monographic exhibitions were opened, the first was an exlibris exhibition and was presented in the Museum of the City of Gdynia, the second, more cross-sectional, took place at the Regional Museum in Toruń (Rissman 2014). In the rooms of the Old Town Hall, not only the artwork of the outstanding copperplate engraving, but also over 30 examples of his amber artworks were presented. These works delight with the perfection of the silver frame, treated in a very graphic and precise way, and a great respect for natural materials, especially amber. Jakubowski gently exposed the beauty of a concrete solid, creating for her a frame of silver referring to its structure.

In 2014, the Minister of Culture and National Heritage - prof. Małgorzata Omilanowska awarded Wojciech Jakubowski with the silver medallion Zasłużony Kulturze - Gloria Artis.

Rissman A. (2014) Wojciech Jakubowski: drawing, graphics, artistic craft. Exhibition catalogue, Toruń, 126 pp.


dr Anna Sobecka