Opening of Monika Błaszkowska's exhibition at the ARCHE Dwór Uphagena Hotel


We kindly invite you for opening of an exhibition of our Association's member - Monika Błaszkowska. It will take place this Wednesday, May 15th 2024 at 6:00 p.m. at the ARCHE Dwór Uphagena Hotel.
At the exhibition, we can take a look at a unique approach to amber, which proves it can also be used in applied art. The artist creates paintings and furniture made using her own methods, which catch the eye with their form and color.

Hope to see you there!


When: 6:00 PM, May 15th 2024

Where: ARCHE Dwór Uphagena Gdańsk, ul. Prof. Kieturakisa 1, "at the Professor's" rooms