EuroSkills 2023


As partners of the Pomeranian Chamber of Crafts of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, we were present during the EuroSkills 2023 event

Visitors had the opportunity to cut real amber under the supervision of members of the Chamber: Mr. Zbigniew Strzelczyk and Mr. Dariusz Grzenkowski and his students.

Visitors to the stand also had the opportunity to talk to amber appraisers from the International Amber Association (MSB), who explained the classification of amber and helped distinguish natural from modified amber. In addition, you could receive the latest issue of Bursztynisko and see part of the MSB collection of contemporary artistic jewelry.

Representatives of the Secondary School of Fine Arts in Gdańsk were also present at the stand. Jacek Mydlarski (Clothing and Costume Design Studio - Magdalena Arłukiewicz) and the Secondary School of Individual Programs. Józef Unrug (Theatre Studio - Jadwiga Możdżer), who presented clothes and journalistic drawings inspired by amber, made, among others, by students.

Thank you very much for attending the event