We would like to inform you that 27th International Competition for the Design of Jewellery with Amber AMBERIF DESIGN AWARD 2023 has started.

Theme of the competition is Symbol of Hope 

Wearing jewellery gives us hope. For one thing, jewellery strengthens our psyche. It communicates our personal courage and supports us in taking a concrete position. We wear symbols in a way that gives us hope for overcoming our inner weaknesses. With jewellery, we can also arm ourselves for the kinds of crises that come from outside and currently strongly influence and threaten our lives. 

On the other hand, jewellery offers the possibility of gaining strength from the outside. In communicating with others through the worn symbol, it strengthens us in the hope that we are not alone. Made of a warming material, such as amber, jewellery supports us like an amulet—even in the case of health weaknesses. It consolidates us despite our vulnerability and strengthens us to overcome our fears. A ray of hope radiates from the personal into a social and political environment. What does the jewellery look like that gives us hope today, strengthens us for crises and carries us through them? 

Barbara Schmidt, curator of the competition

We invite you to participate in the competition.

Information about competition can be found here.

The deadline for submitting entries is 31 May 2023. Award Ceremony is planned during Amberif Autumn 2023 in October 2023.