Flicker of life- exhibition 16.09.2022


Flicker of life

We cordially invite you on September 16, 2022, at 6 p.m. to the IAA Gallery for the Flicker of life exhibition opening, presenting artistic jewelery with amber by Misato Takahashi.

Misato Takahashi is the laureate of the IAA Award at the Joya Barcelona 2021 competition. The artist received 0.5 kg of raw amber and the opportunity to show her original collection at the IAA Gallery.

Misato Takahashu is an artist from Japan, graduate from the School of Art and Design in Barcelona - Ecola Massana Art and Design Center (https://www.escolamassana.cat/en).

The exhibition will present 21 jewellery works made of Baltic amber and other materials. In her works, the artist deals with topics related to the relationship between man and nature, the future of people on earth and the fragility of human life.


See you at the IAA Gallery!