AMBER. DESIGN Symposium - 11.06.2022


1st Symposium as part of the 11th International Competition for Bookplate and Small Graphic Form "Amber Gold of the Baltic Sea - Amber - The gold of the Baltic Sea".

A holy stone, a good stone, the gold of the north, amber - amber has many names. It has aroused admiration and fascination for centuries. Its beauty, aromatic smell and ease of processing meant that it has always been used in many areas of human activity. Almost a thousand-year-old Gdańsk consciously nurtured the tradition of amber art. It is here that a school of Gdańsk amber, recognizable throughout Europe, was created. Unique works of art were created in Gdańsk studios, which then became a part of the dazzling collections of rich burghers, magnates, clergy, kings, emperors and tsars. Amber as a tangible object, a witness to the changing world, thanks to its uniqueness and originality, seems to be an ideal means of translating the imaginations of artists from all over the world. How these inspirations can influence the created works in the form of unique bookplates, we will find out in the autumn of 2022 during the ceremonial announcement of the competition results. Before this happens, we would like to share the knowledge and experience of invited specialists from various fields and disciplines.