Culmination of the Legnica SILVER Festival- results


On the May 13th and 14th 2022, the culmination of the Legnica SILVER Festival took place. This year, the 30th International Jewellery Competition was held under the theme: TOUCH.

Since 2021, IAA has sponsored the award in this International Jewelery Competition. The chosen artist receives 1 kg of Baltic amber and an individual exhibition at the IAA Gallery.

This year, the winner of the IAA award was Mriam Arentz from Germany. The artist received an award for the brooch: Touched to shreds, made of silver, guilloche and photography.

The artist wrote about her work:

 I was inspired by these lines from a poem by Gunnar Ekelof:
 " The black image
Framed in silver
Worn to shreds by kisses..."

Once again congratulations to the artist and we are looking forward to the results of her work with amber. The artist'scollection of amber jewelery will be presented at the IAA Gallery in 2023.