Bursztynowy Mieczyk- award ceremony


On the 3rd of December, the 27th award ceremony "Bursztynowy Mieczyk".

The IAA received the special award of Marshal of the Senate of the Republic of Poland, prof. Tomasz Grodzki, the award was given by Senator Sławomir Rybicki.

    For 25 years, IAA has been promoting and teaching about this strong Pomeranian brand, both in Poland and abroad - about amber.
    I congratulate the ambermen and all Mieczyk winners and nominees for the Maciej Płażyński.
    Thank you for your active participation, and thanks to it, Pomerania is becoming a better place to live and work. I would also like to thank all the staff of the RC Foundation who are behind this technique on the heart and the technique of work, and we could be the owners of this work on this working day.
    Sławomir Rybicki - Senator of the Senate of the Republic of Poland

Prof. Ewa Wagner-Wysiecka, Vice President of the IAA Management Board received the award.

Author of the photos: Fot. Grzegorz Mehring / Gdańsk.pl