Bursztynisko. The Amber Magazine no. 46- coming soon!


Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear members of the IAA,

We are happy to announce that we have started working on the next issue of Bursztynisko. The Amber Magazine. No. 46.
Bursztynisko is a magazine of our organization and as such it is a forum co-created by all of you!
The next issue is planned for March 2022.
In the issue, among others:
 - COVER STORY - EARRINGS (please send photos of amber earrings, conditions for accepting photos: white background, resolution 300 DPI)
- TRENDS- SPRING / SUMMER 2021 (please send photos of amber jewelery, conditions for accepting photos: white background, resolution 300 DPI)
- SCIENCE- Amber in Texas
- SCIENCE- Krebs cycle
and many others!
On behalf of the editorial team, I invite EACH of you to contribute to this issue. * If there are things you want to share with our entire amber community, grab the keyboard and write! **
(please remember that the content of the articles should not exceed 10,000 characters spaces).
Deadline for submitting articles and photos: 31/12/2021.
Best wishes,
Ewa Rachoń
Editor in Chief

and members of the editorial board:
Maria Fijałkowska, Anna Sado, Małgorzata Siudak, dr Anna Sobecka, prof. Jacek Szwedo and Anna Wójcik.
** The editors reserve the right not to publish articles and photos that do not meet the criteria contained in the above e-mail.
Contact: office@amber.org.pl