Amberif Design Award 2021


We would like to cordially invite all of our members and friends to take part in the next edition of the International Competition for the Design of Jewellery with Amber Amberif Design Award 2022.
The topic of this edition is
Amber as a reward!

When artists create jewelry, they often use their skills to reward also themselves. Because the transformation of your material often results in pure joy: joy in making, their hands´ virtuosity, the skilled use of tools and sovereignty over their design decisions. The wearers also reward themselves, illustrate their lives with symbols and show their point of view when wearing the jewellery. The viewer is rewarded in the perception of beauty and spirit - and the opportunity to use jewelry as a point of contact for a conversation with the wearer.

In this triangular relationship, jewelry, and especially amber as a material, has played a major role for thousands of years. The material properties of Amber suit artists when making the pieces. The color spectrum of amber flatters the wearer and rewards them with a warm look. And Amber has always erwarte the viewer’s courage to dare something.

Use Amber as a jewellery material in a rewarding creative way for this triangular relationship between making, wearing and viewing.

Barbara Schmidt
curator oft he contest