We are honored to present the winners of the IAA 2021 Amber Award, as part of the JOYA BARCELONA ART JEWELERY & OBJECT 2021 competition!

The IAA jury selected the best work by a student of art schools sent from around the world.

The theme of this year's edition was: A L C H E M Y.


Marcin Bogusław - jewelery designer and creator, teacher at "Nowolipki" and the goldsmith school "Wytwórnia Antidotum".
Ireneusz Glaza - jewelery designer and creator, owner of the Chilli Jewellery company.
Giedymin Jabłoński - jewelery designer and creator, lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław (Department of Design & jewellery).
Anna Sado- journalist, runs the industry portal www.amber.com.pl
Małgorzata Siudak - art historian, manager of the MSB Gallery
Anna Sobecka - art historian and curator dealing with the history of European collecting and contemporary exhibitions. She conducted post-graduate studies in Design in Social Space.

Jury's verdict:

ALCHEMY is a notion of a very wide spectrum of meanings and therefore as a topic of this year’s competition allowed the participant to create so diverse interpretations. At the same time the jury members had a hard task to cope with judging so wide variety of answers. As a result the jury decided to divide the amber pool and award a joint prize.

The prize was awarded joint to (in the alphabetic order of names), students representing their schools:

ARNALD JORDÁ - EA Llotja, Barcelona

MISATO TAKAHASHI - Escola Massana, Barcelona

In the work of ARNALD JORDÁ the jurors emphasised the subtlety of both visual as meaning content. The piece doesn’t extort reflection on beauty but encourages to it on different levels of interpretation. It also reminds of the respect for the nature referring to the Indian’s tradition.

The works of MISATO TAKAHASHI with a special emphasising of the brooch “Magic Ram #4 Wand” are an inspired by her dream deep reflection on the future of humans and nature and as she said herself, the mission of an artist “to pave our future path towards the perfection with their creativity, technique and magic, which I believe this is a part of artists’ role in the society “, in our times of rapid “alchemic” transformations.

Artists receive 0.5 kg of amber and the possibility of a monographic exhibition at the IAA Gallery.
We hope that this award will contribute to the creation of an amber collection that we will be happy to present in our Gallery.