Amber Personality of the 2020


Marcin Wesołowski became the Amber of the Year 2020. Marcin Wesołowski is a designer who started his passion for amber in the early '90s for a jewelry company, and in 1999 he has his own design studios in Gdańsk.

He is one of the few jewelry designers who not only own their wares, but also possesses tool-making skills, qualification techniques, and high-quality materials.

The designer is a longtime member of the Amber Association.

The title of the Amber Personality of the Year has an over twenty-year history. The International Amber Association awards it for remarkable achievements in the area of amber in its broad sense. This year, the nominees put forward for the accolade by members of the IAA were: Piotr Kowalczuk, Sebastian Tajl and Jack Yang, Marcin Wesołowski, Olena Belichenko, Eugeniusz Kreja, Aleksander Gliwiński, Christel and Hans Werner Hoffeins. This was an exceptional number of contenders from as many as four countries, each person undoubtedly of great merit in working with or promoting amber.

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