Exhibition "In my opinion..." in Amber Museum in Gdańsk"


On the 28th of June 2021 The Amber Museum in Gdańsk, so far located in the Torture Chamber, will open its new premises, in the Great Mill.

At the opening, there will be the presentation of the next edition of the exhibition  “In My Opinion…”.

You are welcome to participate in the exhibition

The idea of the project "In My Opinion..." (detailed information is avaible at https://moimzdaniem.info/regulamin and https://moimzdaniem.info/Regulations_GB2.pdf)

On social network sites or in private conversations we talk on various topics: social, political, medical, ecological, etc. To make these opinions less transitory, we want to encourage you to perpetuate them through goldsmithing techniques, to express them through jewellery or objects. We want to give you a chance to make a statement on the issues which make you glad or sad, which delight or irritate you in a message clear for the recipient.

The only condition of the participation is meeting the conditions set forth in the Regulations.

Please, visit our page https://in-my-opinion.info/oprojekcie  There, you will find useful information, photos of works, the calendar of events and the fan site.

So far, there are more than 100 participating artists from all six continents. We hope you will join the project too.

We are waiting for your pieces.

If there are any questions, write to us at wystawa@moimzdaniem.info