Amber Personality of the 2019


Michał Kosior became the Amber Personality of the Year 2019.
Congratulations to the winner!
You can read more about it in the latest issue of the Bursztynisko. The Amber Magazine no. 44.

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For twenty years, the International Amber Association (IAA) has been awarding the Amber Personality of the Year title for special achievements in: artistic creativity, scientific research, making amber better known worldwide, technological progress, economic efficiency, volunteer work and collecting. This year, the nominees were: Dr hab. Aniela Matuszewska, Aleksander Gliwiński and Michał Kosior.

This year’s Amber Personality of the Year, Michał Kosior, began working with the jewellery and amber industry in 1999 by cooperating with the Polish Jewellery Catalogue and, in the following years, he collaborated with other Polish industry media. In 2006, he became a member of the International Amber Association. At the same time, he increased his efforts which contributed to making Baltic amber more popular. In 2008-2019, he managed the operations of the IAA Office as its Director; he also served as secretary and vice president of the IAA Management Board for two terms.