Michał Kosior

Amber Personality of the 2019

Michał Kosior, began working with the jewellery and amber industry in 1999 by cooperating with the Polish Jewellery Catalogue and, in the following years, he collaborated with other Polish industry media. In 2006, he became a member of the International Amber Association. At the same time, he increased his efforts which contributed to making Baltic amber more popular. In 2008-2019, he managed the operations of the IAA Office as its Director; he also served as secretary and vice president of the IAA Management Board for two terms.

What was the most noticeable in Michał’s work was his commitment, above and beyond the call of duty. For 11 years of his work there, he not only proved himself as a reliable Director of the IAA Office but also perfectly mastered all the amber know-how and “amber traps,” and became an amber appraiser. In a very short time, amber and the amber community became for Michał not only a workplace but also a passion.

It is his knowledge and passion that helped create a reliable image of the International Amber Association on the Internet, in social media and at international meetings where he represented the Association.

                                                                                                                              Elżbieta Sontag & Adam Pstrągowski
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