Tytuł zdjęcia

Since 1997, the Association has been granting Certificates to recommended companies which have committed themselves to meeting the criteria required by our organisation.

The Certificate gives its bearer the right to use the Association’s logo. The logo testifies to the correctness of the processing method, the good quality of the entire product, as well as to the company’s reliability, it is a guarantee of the authenticity of the raw material used: exclusively Baltic amber, and therefore a protection against forgeries and substitutes.
A recommended company shall use the terminology determined by the IAA, respect good trade principles and practices, respect the good name and the justified interests of other members.
A recommended firm must not use pressed amber, amber surrogates, subfossil resins (copals) and synhtetic resins.

Certificates for Recommended company are avaible in Polish, English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese language versions. Recomended company declaration: Application-trademark.doc