Membership in the International Amber Association afford industry professionals worldwide the opportunity to work together to expand the market of natural amber and to resolve problem issues of the trade for the benefit of all countries. The association has 358 members from 30 countries in the world. It is an international group of artists, designers, jewelers, gallery owners, scientists, researchers, gemmologists, museums, collectors and merchants of amber products.

Additional benefits of IAA membership include:

1. Join an international network of the leading dealers, scientist, artists, designers, jewelers, gallery owners, researchers, gemmologists, collectors and merchants of amber.

2. Support the promotion of amber and cultivate cultural consciousness by disseminating knowledge about Baltic amber and its virtues.

3. We provide you aid in the establishing of institutional forms of co-operation between individuals, corporate bodies and organisations without legal personality dealing with amber mining or processing, or trade in amber, and individuals, corporate bodies and organisations without legal personality involved in amber-related scientific, natural, technical, economic, historical and artistic research, prospecting for and designation of deposits, mining, processing, trade, and art.

4. We provide you material advice and organisational aid to collectors of items such as raw amber specimens, plant and animal inclusions and collections of old and contemporary amber art.

5. We organise co-operation between Association members in the fields of design, technology, employee education, marketing and information exchange concerning the market situation as regards Baltic amber.

6. Receive up-to-date information about latest developments in the amber industry.

7. Exhibit in IAA Gallery.

8. Promote your company as a member of the most reputable amber organization in the world.