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Exhibition Amber Metamorphoses

Katalog Bursztynowe przemiany

"This  March,  our  Gallery  launched  an  exhibit  with  pieces  by  twenty  remarkable  artists  connected with the International Amber Association. Anniversaries make us look back and try to capture the changes that have taken place. This is the case here as well. We endeavoured to make it a comprehensive exhibition, showing the work of both individual artists and larger companies which employ designers. To capture the metamorphoses which took place in the work of each person over the past twenty years, I suggested that an older and the most recent piece were displayed by each artist. Hence the title of this publication – to
focus your attention on the metamorphoses which Baltic amber and the design of amber items have undergone since the final years of the 20th century until the present.

The selection of artists and their works is very diverse: it presents a wide range of pieces, from technically precise jewellery to ethnic-style items, from jewellery evocative of tradition to contemporary small sculptural forms. Let us, therefore, look closer at the metamorphoses which Baltic amber has undergone over the past twenty years."

Amber Metamamorphoses catalogue autor: dr Anna Sobecka, s. 20, Gdańsk, 2016