Exhibition Amber and Form

The Amber and Form exhibition is  a first  joint  exhibition  from  the  members  of  the  I AA,  which  has  been  bringing
amber  artists,  jewellery  manufacturers,  researchers  and  enthusiasts  together  for  almost  20  years.

Organised to mark the opening ofthe  I AA's newpremises—with a gallery , laboratory and office—in spite  of  its  small  size,  the  exhibition  is  conceived  as  a  comprehensive  presentation  to  illustrate  how  diverse  the
work  of  the  I AA  members  is.  Participation  was  voluntary ,  with  the  newly  appointed  Gallery  Council  not
imposing  any  common  subject  for  the  exhibition.  Every  member  of  the  I AA  was  allowed  to  present  what  they
considered the  best  works  of  their  imagination.  The  Gallery Council was  there  only  to  oversee  the  quality  of
workmanship,  to  select  the most  representative  pieces in  various  areas (of  art  and production) from  among
the  submitted  works

Based on: dr Anna Sobecka, introduction to the catalogue Amber and Form, str.6, Gdańsk, 2015