Exibition Bogdan Mirowski- artysta | the artist

Exibition Bogdan Mirowski - artysta | the artist was organized by Lech Zdrojewski and Kinga Gełdon in cooperation with the International Amber Association at the IAA Gallery in Gdansk. The exhibition is open from the 1th of September until 31th of October 2017, 8:00- 16:00.

Bogdan Mirowski started as a craftsman - from designing and making typical gold jewellery, but his creative potential led him to the heights of his artistry. The purpose of this exhibition is showcasing the artist’s workshop, his great imagination and artistic spirit through presenting some parts of his creative achievement. On the 10 displays there are : sculptures, paintings, jewelery and utility art, the panels were hung on the wall with photos showing the smallest details, so important in the works of Mirowski.

We encourage you to visit our gallery and take a closer look at the works by Bogdan Mirowski.
Below the photos from the opening of the exibition by Jacek Koślicki and Michał Kosior.