Exhibition Amber Chamber

Exhibition Amber Chamber was created to showcase small pieces of art made out of Baltic Amber. The curator of the exhibition was Hedemarie Herb, a German artist and a member of the IAA, who is now currently living in in Italy.

The variety of amber matter and the many visions of this extraordinary still living material was shown on the example of more than 50 pieces made by European artists. The exposition consists of works by Elisabeth Defner, Christiane Förster, Heidemarie Herb, Herman Hermsen, Beate Klockmann, Helfried Kodré, Philip Sajet, Peter Skubic, Gisbert Stach and Petra Zimmermann.

The exibition had it's premiere on May 2015 and was shown around the world by the end of 2016 (Legnica, Luxembourg, San Francisco, Gdansk, Rome, Vilnius and Vienna).