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Training course: Amber Basic Knowledge

The course is addressed to everyone who works with amber, especially to office staff and salespeople. The aim is to provide the professional information about amber's geology and origin, contemporary methods for amber crafting and modification, inclusions and fakes, as well as to consolidate and systematise the knowledge learnt so far.

Amber Basic Knowledge – the Schedule:

  • Baltic amber: origin and deposits; other fossil and sub-fossil resins
  • Methods of processing and modification of amber
  • Baltic amber imitations
  • Organic inclusions in amber
  • Customers’ most frequently asked questions and the proven answers to them
  • Amber in art
  • Amber Market

Course fee:
450 PLN +VAT (~ 105 EUR) for IAA members
680 PLN +VAT (~ 159 EUR) non-members

Depending on the number of participants there will be simultaneous translation into English and Chinese provided. 

To participate in the course, you need to pre-register at the IAA office (or via e-mail ms@amber.org.pl)