The International Amber Association has introduced a Certificate of Amber Identification.

In International Amber Association Laboratory the IAA experts issue Certificates of Amber Identification for amber products, amber inclusions and raw amber based on their know-how, experience and diagnostic tests.

The certificate aims to increase the global customers’ confidence in manufactured amber items. It can be ordered by anyone; however, the system is addressed mainly to amber product manufacturers and wholesalers. It is also there to guarantee the authenticity of the offered products and enhance purchase reliability. The IAA is in discussion with global laboratories and certification centres about a common certification system.
 We use The Terminology and Definitions of Baltic Amber (Succinite) Gemstones by International Amber Association.

The certificate is a prestigious guarantee that the acert_3.jpgmber used in a product is authentic. The certificate looks like a plastic credit card and features a unique number ascribed to a specific product (you cannot obtain one certificate for, say, a batch of products), a photograph of the piece.  

The certificate contains a product’s characteristics: the type of product, the amber gemstone’s mass, colour and degree of transparency, its photograph, the expert’s appraisal with information about modifications (heating, dyeing, coating) or reconstructions (pressing) and the date and place of the test. If inclusions are present, the certificate includes information about visible plant and/or animal inclusions optional detailed analysis of the type of inclusions can be ordered as well).

Certificate contains a QR code which leads to the IAA’s online certificate search engine. This allows you to verify the certificate’s authenticity.


Order quantity Price per piece
1-10 20 EUR
11-50 17.5 EUR
51-100 15 EUR
101-500 12.5 EUR
> 501 10 EUR

Bracelets, nacklaces, mala rosaries made from beads - price is 50% more.
Prices do not include TAX (VAT 23%).
For items
with a value greater than 10.000 PLN cost of issue of the certificate test shall be 1-3% of the value.